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BioFold Sample

This is a scale model (1:2.5) of the BioFold Basic wall panel.


The BioFold jute walls consist of 50% jute coffee bags from coffee roasters in Amsterdam and Zaanstreek. The other 50% are PLA fibers, a biodegradable plastic. 


There are 2 variations: 

BioFold Basic (this sample): αw = 0,4 & NRC = 0,55, class D

BioFold Acoustic: αw = 1,0 & NRC = 0,95, class A


The BioFold Acoustic is optimized by adding absorption material made from discarded textiles. The combination has been tested for acoustic properties according to ISO 11654 and ASTM C423.


Other available materials / colours: Off white, Jeans blue

Read more about BioFold here.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.


BioFold Jute walls applied in the Exploded View Beyond Building,

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